Child care related                     matters can and often do affect the daily routine of parents in the workplace. Finding a way to pay for child care so that parents can keep their jobs or train for better jobs is a constant challenge for many working families. That’s why Workforce Solutions helps eligible working families pay for child care.

As one of its many employment services, Workforce Solutions provides financial assistance for child care to more than 14,000 working families in the 13-county Gulf Coast area every day. Funds to pay for this assistance, however, are often limited, so at times families that apply may be put on a waiting list for a period of time.

Effective from 4/21/09, there is no waiting list.
Apply at any office.
While Little Peoples Greater Life is considered to be in the outskirts of Houston, being around 25 miles from downtown Houston, Little Peoples Greater Life (on line as has been serving families and communities from and around NASA and Clear Lake, Friendswood, Webster, Houston, Galveston, Rosharon, Alvin, Baytown, Sugarland and other areas mainly because either the people live close by and they trust us with their kids, they work close by and they trust us with their children or in many cases, the parents drive miles because of the service provided here. Children right from infancy age to 12 years, all brought from around Houston area very quickly learn to adjust in fun and learning environment. They make friends with other children from all over Houston in no time and they come home more confident and happy. With so much fun it is hard for kids not to learn and want to get back the next day just so they can be with their new friends!